Heathkit HBR5 Aircraft Receiver Rebuild



Picked this up on ebay early 2006. The Heathkit HBR5 Aircraft Receiver covers the 200kHz to 400kHz band. Probably the only reason for getting it was because I had one when I was a kid but was never able to get it work. So I guess I was reliving my childhood, this one now works.
Here's how it looked when I got it. Pretty ratty looking, didn't even try to see if it would work it looked so bad.
Here it is pretty much completely disassembled. Chassis has been wire brushed and sanded. Assembly has begun. I broke a couple of the tube socket rings and thought I was going to have to completely replace the sockets. but I found the retainer rings at Chesters Electronics in Wisconsin.
Here it is as it comes together little by little
More going together Here is pretty much together just before alignment

Don't know what to do with the Front Panel. It really needs to be redone but I'm pretty sure I'm gona need to find someone who could silk screen the front panel. Its not just an easy redo job. Anyway, it works really well. Picks up primarily airport beacons, I can receive all the O'Hare airport beacons on it.



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