Some of My Projects

In Order of Most Recent to Oldest

Home Brew Receive
Signal Conditioner
Frequency Standard Rack
Frequency Electronics FE-73A
Distribution Amplifier
Adding A Digital Clock and IF
Xtals To The WWV Receiver

Home Brew Audio Switch

Home Brew Impedance Adapter

Home Brew 10MHz Doubler
Distribution Amp

Heathkit W5M

Hallicrafters ST-83

Home Brew Aircraft Radio
Heathkit HBR5 / King KX160

Home Brew HF Multicoupler


Heathkit HBR5

Zenith A600 Transoceanic

Sorenson 2000S AC Regulator

Stewart Warner R390A

Hallicraferts SX-28

General Microwave 550 WWV Rcvr

Hallicrafters S-36A

Hallicrafters S-38

Home Brew Inverter