My Passion


Some of MY Tron Projects



Sorenson 2000S AC Regulator

Video Distribution

Zenith A600 Transoceanic Restore

Phone System

Stewart Warner R-390A Rebuild

Heathkit SW7800 Shortwave Rebuild

Heathkit HBR5 Rebuild

B&K 1653 AC Power Supply Rebuild

King KX160

Hallicrafters S-38 Shortwave Rebuild HF Multicoupler Project
Hallicrafters S-36A Rebuild R-1051 Repair and Restoration

Hallicrafters SX-28A Rebuild

Heathkit W5M Amp Rebuild

My Bench - Where It All Happens

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New Equipment, New Arrangement

Other Bench Shots

Electronics has always been a passion on mine ever since I was a kid.  I knew as a kid that the field of electronics was my destiny.  The whole idea of harnessing and controlling the energy in those little bits of an atom called electrons has always fascinated me. This is my bench where I play with those little electrons.  Here is where I retreat into my own little world.  I have nearly everything I need here to do just about anything electronic I desire to do.  An equipped bench like this was the subject of many of my dreams as a kid, now I have it and I love it.  I test,  experiment, build, rebuild, repair, and in general just play with electronic stuff all right here.  My wife refers to it as a bunch of junk, she just has no mind for science.  She has no conception of the fact that this is me and this is what's shaped what I am today. I'm where I am today because of my passion for electronics.





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