Matt Rapp on the Fathometer, the ET's used to man the Fathometer whenever we entered or departed port. Matt rode a motorcycle and every time I went out with him on the bike we ended up falling off it. Matt died in a freak accident in Guam falling over the cliff at Telefofo Falls, I was with him on his bike earlier that night but decided to call it a night while he wanted to continue riding. He was a great guy to party with and I was always amused by the way he danced. Dwain Schmautz waiting to stand the quarter deck watch while we were pulling into Hong Kong. Dwain later ended up in the Great Lakes area while I was teaching ET "A" School, it was great to see him again. Dwain was one of the married guys as well so we only partied occasionally but we had a great time when we did. Of course we were always trying to drag him out to party. Dwain was an excellent Electronics Technician. Picture from the Cruise Book. Ray (top left) was the last LPO, great guy. On the other hand Mark Stacy (bottom middle) was the LPO before Ray. What a JERK, I couldn't stand this guy, had no sense of leadership, just a goof. Learned a lot about the dont's of leadership from this guy which I still put into practice to this day. That's me middle row-right.
Screwing around with a huge hunting knife (I think it was Tony's). Tony Tedder on the left, Dwain Schmautz on the right. Tony was a great guy, we did a lot of partying on the beach. I'm indebted to him as he took care of some issues with getting Joce here after I left the ship. Ron Pierce, we were drinking buddies, did a lot of drinking with this guy. Started in San Francisco while the ship was in the yards, both of us went on our first West-Pac together, had a lota great times. Carrier on the right is pulling along side for UNREP.

Ray and Pierce on the port bridge wing

Me and Pierce in the transmitter room, I just made ET2 and Pierce just made ET3.

Partyin in the PI (Philippines). Left is Dwain, I'm in the back, Ray Spaulding (Spauldo) is on the right and Kurt Conely is in the front. Did some great partyin with these guys. Hey Ray, remember the Maldives islands - More BEER!





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