This is what we did. Loading up on stores in port. UNREP starts with the ship pulling along side. This was the Midway. Pulling along side
Still making her way alongside. Lines were shot to the other ship and all the rigging setup Load getting hooked up to go over
On it's way Almost there It made it
It was not uncommon to be VERTREP'ing (Vertical Replenishment) at the same time UNREP was going on. We had two Chinook Helicopters on board for VERTREP's. With UNREP complete the Midway pulls away to rejoin the Battle Group. It was not uncommon for ships to play a song over the 1MC while pulling away. A favorite was "On the Road Again". Finally we pull away from the Battle group to either UNREP another ship or start heading back to port to load up again.

Threw these in for good measure. The sea between the two ships can get very rough and turbulent despite the rest of the sea being calm as these photo's show during the UNREP of a destroyer.




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